Effective termite control.

Put a stop to termite activity in your home with a customized termite control plan.

1. Inspect

We'll perform a thourough inspection of your home to uncover signs of termite activity and customize your termite control plan.

2. Treat

Based on your termite control plan, we will perform a liquid termite treatment or install termite bait stations.

3. Monitor

Termite monitors may be installed before or after a termite treatment to spot future termite activity quickly.
Termite control specialists design termite control plan

Proven by experience. Backed by guarantee.

Our termite control specialists have years of experience controlling termite infestations. We're confident in the work we perform and back all of our termite treatments with a one-year warranty.

Spotting termite activity.

Signs of termite activity aren't always obvious. Damage may not become apparent until infestations are full-blown.

Hollowed or damaged wood

Swollen floors and ceilings

Blisters in wood flooring

Slight water damage

Mildewy or moldy odor

Mud tubes

Frequently asked questions.

What do termites look like?

Termites have soft bodiess, pinchers and straight antennae. Colors range from white to light brown in color. Worker termites often appear lighter, while swarming termites are darker and have wings.

Where do termites live?

While there are several different types of termites, only subterranean termites are found in Nebraska. Subterranean termites make their colonies in the soil where it is moist.

How many termite treatments will I need?

One liquid treatment is usually enough to eliminate termites.

Can I get termites again?

While it is possible, modern termite materials are designed to last. Year-round monitoring can also minimize the risk of another termite infestation.

How much does termite control cost?

The price of termite control is determined by the severity of your termite problem and its surrounding environment. We can typically only provide pricing after a thorough termite inspection.

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