Effective termite control.

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Termite swarmers

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Eliminate your termites.



During your first visit, your expert technician will thoroughly inspect for signs of termite activity. Your technician will identify the source of your termite problem and will work with you to create a customized treatment plan.



Based on your termite problem, your technician will provide liquid or bait treatment. Termite treatment provides immediate protection and can prevent future termite problems when monitored effectively.



Your technician may recommend termite monitoring as a way to prevent future termite problems. Monitoring will allow your technician to proactively look for signs of termites.

Your termite control questions answered.

What kind of termites do I have?

While there are several different types of termites, only subterranean termites are found in Nebraska and surrounding states.

How many termite treatments will I need?

One chemical treatment is usually enough to eliminate termites.

Will my termites come back?

While it is possible, year-round monitoring after a termite treatment can help minimize the risk of another termite infestation.

How expensive is termite control?

The price of termite control is determined by the severity of your termite problem and your environment. Contact us for an estimate.