Committed to serving the 402.

The ARS Pest Management family works hard to provide top notch pest control to Omaha and Lincoln, Nebraska residents.

Alan Schrier


Scott Schrier

Pest control specialist

A history of putting customers first.

Alan began working as the Omaha service manager for Orkin, a national pest control company. His job was to manage all service-side aspects of the branch. He was responsible for inspections, bids, and scheduling and managed 12 technicians — even performing services of his own. Alan left in 2002, however, when he realized company focus shifted away from customer satisfaction.
After years of pest control requests from friends and family members, Alan established ARS Pest Management as a fully-fledged pest control company, offering a wide variety of pest and termite services. Opening his own business allowed Alan to focus on what was most important to him — his customers.
ARS Pest Management has grown steadily over the years, providing pest and termite services to an increasing number of Omaha and Lincoln residents. Word of mouth referrals from satisfied customers have been the largest driver of growth. We are grateful to serve Omaha, Lincoln, and their surrounding communities. We are excited to see where Omaha and Lincoln take us in the coming years.